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Secret Tips To Help You Repair Your Credit

Most people don't realize it, but there are actually several credit repair secret tips that you can use to help undo the damage that's been done to your credit score. None of this information is widely advertised, I mean, why would it be? An uninformed consumer is a sitting duck to all the threats and harassment of a debt collector. Don't ever forget though, that you do have rights and that debt collectors have strict rules they have to follow.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that whatever negative things are on your credit report are accurate. It's important to check your credit reports, from all three credit bureaus, at least once a year. If you find a mistake, contact the credit bureau immediately in writing and request that it gets corrected. This simple tip can help you raise your score and get rid of inaccurate information that has been costing you money in higher interest rates.

When you contact a credit bureau, keep a detailed file as to the date you sent the letter - sending it certified may be a good idea - as well as a copy of the letter you sent them. Unfortunately, sometimes the credit bureau isn't right on top of everything and it's a good idea that you keep track of everything in case they try to jerk you around.

When you are requesting that something gets changed or corrected you don't have to be timid. Don't treat them like you are a servant requesting a favor. Of course, you want to be polite and professional, but you aren't asking them for a favor. You are asking them to correct a mistake. Don't let them push you around.

Don't expect this process to happen quickly. By law the credit bureau has up to 45 days to get back to you (but it can take much longer). This is a process, and you have to let the process work its way out, no matter how long it takes and how aggravating it can be.

If you want to work on your credit because you are contemplating buying a new home or car and you want to get approved, don't wait until the last minute. Start repairing your credit right now. Remember, this process will take time.

In the meantime, make sure that you make all your payments on time. That includes all your household bills, such as utilities, not just your loan payments. You may not realize it, but utility and cable companies report to the credit bureaus, too, and late payments can affect your credit.

You can rebuild your credit without resorting to underhanded tactics if you're willing to devote the time and consistency it will take, and that may well be the biggest credit repair secret of all. Don't forget, the sooner you get started the sooner you'll qualify for a great rate on that new car loan or mortgage!

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Understanding Credit Score Rating Basics

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