Article Syndication is much more powerful than directories


Article Syndication is much more powerful than directories

Pillar articles

Just 1 Pillar article a week is 10,000 times more powerful than 2 articles a day or even 10 articles a day

Keywords in titles

One of the practices is using Keywords in the article title. A long tail keyword title will get you laser targeted subscribers. Here some examples:

    • short keyword title: Make Money Online

    • long tail keyword title. Make Money Online Building Your List

    • short keyword title: Instant Conversions

    • long tail keyword title: How to Instantly Convert All Your Traffic Into CASH

You get the idea…   
By the time a reader gets to Your Signature they should already be sold on your offer!

  • You should already have established trust through your article

  • You must give your readers a reason to click on your link

Your Article should always end with a compelling offer!

Your offer should be about 2 to 4 sentences long and remember what readers care about is: "What You can do for THEM". So make sure you offer an enticing benefit


Get Paid To Build Your List
Discover how to get paid the minute a person joins your list

Where to submit your articles:

Where you post your articles will determine what links to include in them

  • when posting articles using Facebook Notes, you should include a link back to your Facebook page

To find out more about Facebook Notes, you can read all about in this article:How to use Facebook "Notes" as Your Blog

  • when posting articles elsewhere, you should include a link back to your Opt-in page on your own Blog, and if you don't have one yet then yes, link back to your Facebook page

Your main goal is to get people on your list! This is your most valuable asset. Once a person is on your list, you can then send them more information about the OFFER, an eBook, an eCourse, a FREE Series of content....

It is 100% safe to use AFFILIATE LINKS in your emails, since what you are looking for now is to CONVERT your subscribers into CASH as quickly as possible. Just never forget these are real people and your main priority should be to build a relationship with them, never push your subscribers to do something, let them make their own desicions in their own time and you'll have repeat business (commissions) for months and years to come.
Favorite portals for submitting articles  

  • EzineArticles.com  

  • Lifehack.org   articles posted on lifehack.org often get featured on
                         digg and other social media sites like delicios and

  • About.com     Look for the marketing section

  • IMNewsWatch.com    Refer to the middle of the page and just
                         submit your article there

  • Mashable.com   Scroll down to very bottom of page and click on
                         submit news  


This one trick can add hundreds of new subscribers to your list - EVERY SINGLE TIME.

What you can do is insert your article as a Comment on other peoples Blogs. This is usually a 1 or 2 pages long article, straight to the point and filled with high value content.

First your need to find these Top Quality and High Traffic Blogs. You can do a Google search for “Internet Marketing” or “Make Money Online” or any key word phrase that relates to your article. Usually the first ones are the ones with the highest rank. To be sure, you should check the Alexa ranking for the Blog. Usually anything 250,000 and lower on Alexa is more than great! The lower the number the better. Google is ranked #1 and Facebook #2.

What you can also do is check the amount of RSS* subscribers to the Blog. Anything above 25,000 is AWESOME! The more the better.

*RSS is the acronym used  for the syndication of Web content. It is used by many Bloggers to announce and distribute content to their subscribers 

Once you´ve found a good Blog and an Article you want to contribute, you should look at the comments. You want at least 50 or more comments; the higher the better. You need to read through the comments so you can get a feel of what people are looking for, what problems they need help with and work this info into your article. You only want to address the problems you have a solution for.

What you will do next is post your entire article as a comment.

Now every person that posted a comment - up to that moment, will receive an email notification with a link to your comment, this is why you want to contribute to an article with lots of comments...

Not only will this get you tons of FREE high quality and laser targeted traffic, it will also position yourself as an expert in front of the exact audience you are looking for and you will get noticed by the Blogger! Very powerful!

What is important to understand here is that now that you have this High Profile Blogger's attention, you want to continue building a relationship with the owner and the readers. So you should check back to see if there have been any comments added in reference to your post or if there is any other contributions you can make but with moderation, twice a week is good.

Under no circumstance should you try to SELL ANYTHING. Your only purpose is to ADD VALUE and in return you will get traffic and FREE subscribers to your list. 

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