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  Using Web Graphics On Your Website to Maximize Your Business  
More and more webmasters recognize the value of using professionally prepared graphics on their websites to maximize business. Thatís because using the right graphics can improve the appearance of the site and motivate a visitor to act. Using web graphics on your site is a smart business move.

The graphics you use in combination with the text you utilize will present the flavor for your site. It will give your website its own personality, its own look and feel. It can be serious, fun, or warm and inviting. When graphics are used properly you can stand out from the competition. But before going graphic crazy there are some things you need to know.

The graphics you place on your web page should serve a function. If they are just there because they look cool take them off.  There is no question that there are thousands of cool and impressive graphics but unless they serve a purpose thereís no value to putting them on your site. 

There are a number of different types of graphics you can use on your website. Navigation buttons are used to help your visitor comfortably move around your site. They should be easy to read and can include a small image.

Your logo identifies you and people begin to remember it over time. It gives you brand name recognition.

Background images can add visual appeal to a website but they can be bothersome - there is nothing worse than trying to read text on a graphic that almost makes it invisible. Visitors are very quick to hit the back button if it makes their eyes hurt.

Title graphics called mastheads, are a good way to get recognition for your site. Use something unique that will stick in the minds of visitors.

Photos are popular on websites because they can make a page friendly and inviting. If you plan to use photos on your website you should optimize them for the web otherwise your pages will load slowly and people will become impatient and leave. 

For a professional looking page match your fonts on all navigation buttons.

Your graphic images should match your website colors and typefaces. Your web page should be no more than 60k so if itís larger than that either optimize your graphics or remove some of them. 

Graphics are used to improve website functionality.  Donít place graphics on your site unless they have a purpose. When adding graphics you always must balance their usefulness against the loss in speed for your page to load.

Using web graphics on your website makes good business sense when they are used properly.

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